Traditional construction trucks can include dumpers, which are not to be confused with dump trucks, articulated lorries, cement mixer trucks and vans. It's likely most of these construction vehicles will be manufactured from JCB and Caterpillar in their trademark bright yellow finish.

We are proud to feature Bruder toy trucks and trailers in scale 1:16 and dump trucks from Siku and Universal Hobbies. Furthermore, we have toy cement mixers with real working drum and dumpers for collecting materials. Last but not least, we feature toy vans for small building firms to get around in.


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An articulated lorry has pivoting joint where the trailer is attached. The trailer is then connected by wires so the driver can use the brake lights fitted to the back of the trailer. Articulated lorries for construction can include lorries carrying supplies and construction vehicles to and from the building site.


A dump truck is an open back lorry used to collect materials from a building site. Dump trucks can also tow a trailer to carry more dirt and soil at one time. Traditionally, a digger or excavator will load the dump truck with materials to be carried away to another area on the building site or a waste management facility.


A cement mixer truck is mobile concrete mixer used to carry ready mixed cement and mortar to a building site. The cement mixer truck provides the mix ready to use straight out of the drum. The drum of the mixer will always revolve so the texture of the cement remains in good condition and never hardens.


A dumper is a construction vehicle used to carry large amounts of materials (dirt and soil) on the building site. Dumpers can provide an open cabin with a large skip on the front with a tipping action. Usually diggers and excavators will empty there load onto the dumper to by carried away from the work area.


A builders van varies from an open back with the drivers cabin to a white van from Ford. Contractors such as those from small building companies of one to 2 people will use a van to carry their supplies to and from the building site. More often, plumbers and elections will use vans for getting around.