JCB Toys with diggers, loaders, excavators, trucks


We're dedicated to featuring children's toy diggers and backhoes, excavators, cranes, loaders, lorries and construction trucks. All these construction vehicles can all be found on modern day building sites around the UK. Whether you're looking to build a house, a skyscraper, bridge or even road-side construction, we are sure to provide the budding young builder a fantastic range of construction vehicles to complete his project.

All featured construction vehicles are available from brands such as Bruder, Britains, Siku and Universal Hobbies with plastic and die-cast toy diggers the most popular choice amongst kids. Toy diggers are sold in all sizes with scale 1:32, 1:87 and 1:16 backhoe's and vehicles. With all these scales available, children can recreate building sites and get stuck in building new structures outdoors and in the home.

Children's Britains and Bruder toy diggers are officially licensed by real life manufacturers from Caterpillar and JCB being the favourite choice.


Construction Playsets
Construction Playsets - Featured construction play sets include vehicles sets, building sites and figures with all the accessories you'll need. View All Playsets
Building Sites
Building Sites - A child's toy building site provides a construction site for the young builder to create buildings and structures with his toys. View All Building Sites
Diggers & Backhoes
Toy Diggers - Find a fantastic collection of traditional yellow CAT and JCB toy diggers and backhoes from learning brands such as Bruder, Britains and Sku. View All Diggers
Toy Excavators
Toy Excavators - Use your JCB toy excavator to dig out smaller holes when fixing pipes and on road-side construction where diggers are to large to use. View All Excavators
Toy Cranes
Toy Cranes - Every building site needs a crane with an extendable crane to lift heavy equipment into position. Browse site and mobile toy cranes. View All Cranes
Toy Bulldozers
Toy Bulldozers - Use your bulldozer to push dirt, sand and rubble into large heaps. A typical toy bulldozers is fitted with tracked wheels for grip. View All Bulldozers
Toy Rollers & Graders
Toy Rollers & Graders - A roller is used to flatten tarmac on roads and pavements with a smooth heavy wheel with graders clearing an area. View All Bulldozers & Graders
Toy Loaders
Toy Loaders - Your typical JCB and CAT loader is fitted with a front loader to load materials into a waiting truck or open back lorry. View All Loaders
Toy Lorries & Trucks
Toy Lorries & Trucks - Lorries featured with trailers or open backed are used to bring construction equipment back and forth including dirt and sand. View All Lorries & Trucks
Construction Accessories with pylons, barriers, traffic light, construction signs
Construction Accessories - Let him kit out his building site safely with the proper use of traffic pylons, barriers and construction road signs. View All Construction Accessories
Ride-On Construction Vehicles with diggers, excavators, cranes
Ride-On - Discover children's ride-on diggers, cranes and excavators for realistic fun in the garden; includes steering wheel, horn and working functions. View All Ride-On
Construction & Digger Books
Construction Books - Browse construction and books about diggers featuring a wide range of photo's, information, stickers and digger storybooks. View All Books
Construction Puzzles
Construction Puzzles - Construction puzzles include diggers, building sites and machinery. These wooden puzzles can include up to 1,000 pieces. View All Puzzles
Construction Decor
Construction Décor - Kit out his bedroom with construction décor featuring diggers, excavators and building sites on bedding, lampshades & wallpaper. View All Décor
R/C Construction Vehicles
R/C Construction Vehicles - Radio control diggers and JCB construction vehicles provide hours of entertainment outdoors and in the home. View All R/C Vehicles
Construction DVD's with diggers, excavators, loaders, building sites
Construction DVD - Sit down and relax with a fun packed construction DVD filled with construction vehicles at work and buildings taking shape. View All Construction DVDs
Construction Tools for kids
Tools for Kids - Allow your young builder to carry out some repair work around the house with his own set of tools from drills, hammers to saws. View All Tools
Roleplay with builders costumes, helmets, jacket
Roleplay - Get ready for construction play with a choice of builders workwear, boots, and kids safety equipment for children's construction role playing. View All Role play